Don’t Be A Stranger, Strangers Don’t Get Hired

In a recent survey, hiring managers were asked, “How do you find and hire your best people?” An astounding 92% said they knew the person or the person was referred by a co-worker or other trusted source. What’s even more interesting – and far more important – is that the primary decision to hire these people was not on their depth of technical skills, brilliance, years of relevant experience, academic background or interviewing personality. It was their track record of past performance and ability to deliver results.

This small survey is just another example of the importance of networking. Building your network and communicating with your established network is key. Your connections need to know that you are looking and what you are looking for. The last thing you want to hear is, ”Oh, I wish I had known you were looking, we just hired someone at my company and you would have been perfect.” The article, by Lou Adler, CEO, best-selling author and LinkedIn Influencer, highlights practical ways to help the employer get to know you better and vice versa, decreasing the stranger factor, increasing the comfort level and hopefully making it easier for you to be their next hire.