Preparing For Your Job Performance Review

Lifelete Fundamentals

November 19, 2014

The end of the year is great time to reflect and set goals and resolutions for the year ahead. It is also a great time to prepare for performance reviews at work. If you are not scheduled for a performance review, you can use the following advice to perform an introspective self check-in regarding your career. In the article, “6 Career Tips From Buffett, Branson & World’s Best Coaches”, Forbes contributor Mark Thompson recommends you take time to ask yourself some questions before setting job goals. Here are some questions that he recommends asking yourself. Why am I here? What am I passionate about? How can I add value?

The preparation for a performance review should not be seen as scary but rather an opportunity to help you self-reflect. Consider the following tips during your preparation:

  1. Perform Self-Assessment: This is your opportunity to be your own judge. Think of both good and bad aspects of your job performance. What have you done well? What do you need to improve upon?
  2. Know your goals: Performance reviews are a good time to express your professional goals to your supervisor. Make sure you know exactly what you want and what you need from your employer to attain your goals and be prepared to discuss during your review.
  3. Take evidence: Being able to demonstrate evidence of your accomplishments will add value to your performance review. You may consider making a list of accolades and have a file that demonstrates your accomplishments. Ask your co-workers for help, they may be able to remind you of something good you did that highlights your value. (You may want to read this Lifelete Fundamental regarding collecting professional effects.)
  4. Prepare for hard truths: Reviews are a time when your supervisor will provide you with feedback. You may not like everything you hear during the evaluation; you should be mentally prepared to take both positive feedback and constructive criticism.
  5. Follow up: Following your review you may want to give yourself a timeline to follow up on any actions items that were developed during the review.

Remember, performance review time at work should not be a scary time but rather an opportunity to reflect and set goals. For more detailed information on the preparation tips listed above read “How to Prepare for Your Next Performance Review.”