Want to Progress in Your Career? Ask These Five Questions

Lifelete Fundamental

October 28, 2015

You were not an overnight success on the playing field, it took years of practice, determination, and study; the result – you became an expert in your craft. As you develop your career or step into a new career perhaps your second or third, you know that nothing worth having happens overnight. It takes time to develop skills, abilities, knowledge and confidence in any career path.  You have to figure out how to develop yourself to meet career demands and progress in your chosen field.

Once you have come to a conclusion about your career, and have a goal in mind, how do you get yourself there? Here are five questions that are integral to achieving your goal.

  • What credentials are required to become a viable candidate (hirable)?
    • Do I need to earn a specific degree?
    • What certifications or licenses are required?
  • What are the available paths to get the required knowledge and credentials?
    • Do you need an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree or certificate?
    • Can I get hands on training through an externship or apprentice program?
  • What are the requisite skills and abilities for this career?
    • Use a resource like the O-Net to discover.
    • Read job descriptions for current openings.
  • What should I be looking for in an educational institution to help me reach my career goals?
    • Does the program offer outcomes that will prepare me to step into a job upon completion?
    • Is the program respected in the industry (use LinkedIn University Finder to see where people are working that attended a particular program).
  • What can I do if I am unable to begin formal training/education at this time?
    • Volunteer your time to projects where you can learn from others who are doing what you would like to be doing and you can practice.
    • Informal training options have never been easier. Software, books, podcasts, MOOCs and other training programs offer a multitude of options to improve your knowledge base.

This process is not a simple one your AthLife Advisor is available to assist you as you investigate, ask and answer these and many other questions.