High Demand Professional Skills for 2016

High demand professional skills for 2016 focus on a few key areas…

According to LinkedIn, job search activity peaks during the month of January as individuals consider a change of career while bringing in the New Year. LinkedIn has analyzed hiring and recruiting activity to identify the Top 25 Skills That Will Get You Hired in 2016.

Reviewing this list, a variety of skills related to data analysis and software design/utilization arise as the most in-demand skills for today’s employers. If data and software are not your game, be sure to check out the complete list, referencing professional skills in the Marketing, Law, and Economic industries. The demand for data/IT skills is also reflected in an article titled Six High Paying Jobs That Are Great For Career Changers, where both Data Scientist and Software Engineer make the list. Click here to see the complete list along with tips for breaking into each profession.

One likely reason these skills are high demand is that individuals are often deterred by the cost and time commitment of necessary training programs to acquire these skills. Utilizing the Trust scholarship can alleviate the financial burden of seeking advanced training through academic and vocational programs. Furthermore, not all skills require that you complete a lengthy advanced degree program. As just one example, companies like Byte Academy offer boot camps, part-time classes, and workshops to help you break into careers like Data Science. There are a multitude of technical schools located throughout the country offering advanced training in the IT sector – Be sure to consult with your AthLife advisor to guide you through the educational exploration process.

If position titles like Data Scientist or Software Engineer raise concerns about your ability to effectively master the skills required of these positions, consider the Three Career Lessons offered by Producer, Director and Academy Award winning Screen Play Writer, Quentin Tarantino:

  • Collaborate With Great People – Consult your AthLife Advisor to identify the best mentors and educational programs for you.
  • Be A Sponge – Embrace the role of the learner by taking advantage of the educational opportunities afforded to you.
  • Take Risks – Perhaps Quentin says it best, “I don’t ever want to fail, but I want to risk failure every time out of the gate,” or take it from football legend Vince Lombardi, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough.”