It’s Time for a Little Career Spring Cleaning

Time to Spring Clean Your Career

Spring is right around the corner, which means it’s time for some spring cleaning. As you start to put together a to-do list, consider adding another project – your career. Even if you are not currently looking for a job, it is a good idea to keep your career fundamentals fresh and up-to-date. Keep in mind the following tips to help you spring clean your career.

  • Review your professional goals

    Are you still working toward your professional goals or do you need to refocus your work priorities in order to meet those goals? Schedule time on your calendar on a regular basis to ensure that you work on your goals. Perhaps you need to revise or set new work goals as your career situation changes. Try to keep an updated list of professional goals for career development. Read more on goal setting in this Lifelete Fundamental – 5 Mistakes We Make When Goal Setting.

  • Update your resume

    It is recommended that you review your resume yearly to keep track of your professional experience and update it with new responsibilities, specific accomplishments, and acquired certifications or skills. Keeping an updated resume will help you be prepared for unexpected professional opportunities or networking events. For more information, refer to Spring Clean Your Resume.

  • Update your LinkedIn Profile

    Similar to your resume, it is important to keep an updated LinkedIn profile for networking opportunities and search optimization – especially with regard to employers and recruiters who use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Add specific degrees or certifications to follow your name field, update your professional headline with keywords in addition to your job title to reflect your current professional position, and keep your job summary and experience current.

  • Reevaluate your professional development

    Assess your level of professional development and whether you need to increase it. Good ways to work on professional development include joining and getting involved with a professional organization, attending a professional conference each year to stay current with your industry and trends, and participating in continuing education.

  • Stay active with your network

    Effective networking means staying in touch with your network. Take some time to check in with the people in your network to say hello or offer congratulations if appropriate. Active networking will keep the lines of communication open, as well as keep you forefront in the minds of your contacts for potential career opportunities. Networking is Fundamental will give you additional resources for effective networking.

This Lifelete Fundamental was powered by 5 Expert Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your Career by Stephanie Taylor Christensen.