AthLife’s Top 3 Productivity Tips

According to survey results from Captivate Office Pulse, workplace productivity drops 20% over the summer months. If you are taking half days to extend the weekend or just the heat has you moving slowly, follow these tips to maximize your productivity at work, in school, or on your job search.

  1. Develop a System

If the cloud of sticky notes around your desk or even a simple “to do” list isn’t cutting it, try using apps like Todoist or Wunderlist that allow you to assign priority and deadlines to your to-dos, making it obvious what you should be working on at any given time. Further prioritize your day by adopting the 1-3-5 rule, assigning yourself one large task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks each day, and complete those tasks in that order.

  1. Take Strategic Breaks

The human body isn’t built to sit for 8 hours straight. In a recent study, DeskTime reported that the top 10% most productive employees work for 52-minutes at a time, taking 17-minute breaks in between. The success of this technique relies both on fully committing to a task for 52-minutes, as well as fully committing to taking a true 17-minute break. Decreasing sleep by just 1.5 hours a night can reduce daytime alertness by 32%; be sure to get adequate sleep each night to secure your spot among the top 10% most productive employees.

  1. Identify Your Productivity Style

Ever wonder where the time went? There’s an app for that. RescueTime tells you exactly how much time you’re spending on individual websites and apps and grades your activity from “very productive” to “very distracting.” You can also set goals, such as, “80% of the time I spend online will be productive.” Take it a step further by installing StayFocusd for Chrome, which allows you to block less productive sites. Finally, follow Tristan Harris’ 8-steps to keeping your phone from becoming a distraction.

Equally important to eliminating distractions is taking advantage of what you already do well. As productivity styles differ among individuals as well as work tasks, take this assessment quick assessment to identify your productivity style.

Consult your AthLife advisor to tailor your productivity habits to assist you in meeting and exceeding your career and education goals. Remember, productivity is not a one size fits all goal. You will have to work to find which tools suit you best.