Persistence and Success: Keys to Achieving Personal Goals

Let’s face it, we all make New Year’s resolutions to help us succeed in our careers. More than likely after a few weeks, we will begin to slack on the goals we set to achieve. But what about those people who are persistent and achieve those goals, how do they do it? What makes one successfully focus on their career to carry out their New Year’s resolutions?

Be Specific About Your Goals

When you set goals, be specific. For example, someone in sales could say “my sales were $100,000 last year, this year I want to do $130,000”. This gives a clear sight to what success is. Create a road map of the actions needed to achieve your goal.

Be Open to Learning New Skills

Successful people are the ones who have different skill sets. Consider learning a new skill every few weeks or every other month. Look at your career and see what skills you are lacking. Pick one to focus on and perfect it. If it is leadership you are lacking, try to find an opportunity within your career so you can add it to your resume.

Be Prepared 

You never know what tomorrow brings. Always keep your resume and LinkedIn profile current. Even though you might not be in the job market, you do not know who you could meet that brings opportunity. Remember to keep your resume simple and use keywords.

Be Realist and Optimist

When focusing on your career goals, think positively about what you want and how you will achieve them. Believe in yourself to succeed in your career and keep your motivation high. Remember to keep in mind how difficult it could be to reach your goals. Goals that are worth achieving take time and patience.


Consider reading, whether that is when you wake up, during lunch or before bed. Try to keep up with what is current in your career. Maybe the way to stay up to date is to sign up for a blog or academic books. Staying current with the changes and developments will help show commitment to your career.

Seek a Mentor

Finding a mentor is not easy, but it is worth it. Mentors can help improve your attitude and achieve career goals. Do not wait until you feel that you are in a rut with your career. Instead be proactive in finding a mentor who can help guide you. Try to find a mentor who you look up to and relate with.


This Lifelete Fundamental was powered by Forbes and Harvard Business Review

January 22, 2017