Developing Computer Literacy – Accessible Resources to Increase your Technology Skills

Why is computer literacy important?

Keeping up with technology can be challenging. Having basic computer literacy is an important skill to have and to continue to develop. These days most jobs require some level of technology and/or computer competency. Likewise, if you are returning to school you will need to navigate the use of a computer to complete assignments or even take your classes altogether.

Here are several free or low-cost resources to help you improve your computer skills.

  1. Public Library-  Many public libraries offer free computer technology classes to help you learn basic computer programs. Classes are offered for applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. To find your local library you can click here, once you have found a public library near you, stop by and inquire about their computer class offerings.
  2. YouTube– There are many free tutorials on YouTube covering basic and more complicated computer topics. If you want to learn some things on how to set up your email account or manage your email YouTube is a good place to start.
  3. It is an online tutorial resources website offered by LinkedIn. has over 5,000 courses ranging from beginner level to advanced. Examples of their courses include basic computer literacy for Microsoft Windows up to programming courses. is a subscription service but they do offer a free trial.
  4. Community Centers– Many local community centers offer free or low-cost classes in different areas including computer literacy.
  5. School Districts- Many public school districts offer low-cost adult education evenings and/or weekends. Check to see if your local school district offers a program.
  6. Community Colleges- Local community colleges offer non-credit enrichment classes at low cost. Check your local community college to see their offerings.

Learning basic or advanced computer skills are essential to remain competitive in today’s job market. Additionally, if you are considering returning to school, brushing up your computer skills is important. Most classes will require some use of computer technology. So remember, if you need to brush up your computer skills there are many free or low-cost resources to explore that can help you improve your computer skills.