Secrets of Successful Presenters: How to give a memorable presentation

Presentations. Some hear the word and cringe, others jump with joy. Why are those that jump with joy so excited? Is it because they are successful presenters who know how to give memorable presentations? And what about those who cringe when they hear they have to present? How can the ones who cringe be the ones who jump with joy? Let’s go over three key points that successful presenters do when giving a memorable presentation.


Know Your Audience

Learn your audience before preparing your presentation. Who is attending your presentation? What information do they need to learn? Share information that is relevant and new for your audience. Encourage your audience to participate by asking questions, creating group discussions, or involving group activities. When a presenter adds these qualities, it engages the audience and will make the presentation more memorable.


Know Your Main Objective

What is the one concept you want the audience to know at the end? Consider including a preview of what will be covered, along with the main objective. This will help steer the presentation, as well as help guide the audience during discussions. It can be hard to control your audience when having an open discussion. If someone speaks over another, kindly ask that they wait until the other person completes their point. Keep your ears open to be sure that your audience continues to focus on the main objective if not, guide them back to the main focus while not taking control of the conversation.  


Limit Your Use of Visuals

What is the first type of visual that enters your mind? Most likely a PowerPoint, right? Before jumping into your PowerPoint skills, keep in mind a few items. Images can enhance a presentation, but they can also overpower it. Too many slides and your audience will be asleep, too short and they not might fully understand what you are presenting. If PowerPoint does not work for you, then consider a poster or even handouts. Use your imagination to create new types of visuals for your audience and make it a memorable presentation!


As you prepare for your next presentation, follow the tips above from successful presenters and make it memorable. Reach out to your AthLife Advisor for more presentation tips.