Build Your Skills Portfolio: Building Skills For Your Current Job, Your Next Job And The One After That

How to Build Your Skills Portfolio

It is unlikely that you will stay at one company and climb the corporate ladder in today’s work environment. According to the 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report, the average employee stays with their company just eight years. So how can you prepare for your next job move? It’s time to build your skills portfolio. The good news is that you can do this within your current job role by following the tips and develop your skills portfolio.

Determine which skills you will need in your portfolio.

To prepare for your next job, first determine which skills you need in your portfolio to land that new role. Which skills do you need to build? Which skills do you need to strengthen? Figure out where your weaknesses lie so you can focus on adding these skills to your portfolio while working in your current role.

Ask for additional job tasks

Consider if there are additional job tasks that you can add to your current job that will help you build and strengthen the skills you need for your portfolio. If your management skills need sharpening, ask to take lead on the next project. If you are looking to build your presentation skills, ask to join the team that is working on the next big pitch.

Ask for special projects

Spend some time brainstorming possible projects that you can do in your current role that will help you build and strengthen the skills you need for your portfolio. Perhaps you can design a plan to create efficiencies for your current job to build your analytical and strategic thinking skills.

Discover volunteer work or hobbies

If you are unable to add additional job tasks or special projects to your current job responsibilities, look to volunteer work or hobbies to provide opportunities to build and strengthen the skills you need for your portfolio. Look to join a local Toastmasters group to work on your oral communication skills or start a blog to strengthen your written communication skills.

Your skills portfolio will help you get your next job and now is the time to build it. For help brainstorming the specific ways that you can build your skills portfolio, reach out to your AthLife Advisor.