Fathers as Role Models:Tips for Life

Fathers are one of the most influential role models for their children.

As we all know, children are like sponges and take in everything they see and hear. When raising children, fathers have to be aware that they are constantly being watched. The question is, how can fathers be the best role models for their children?

1) Lead by Example

We all can relate to when our parents told us, to “lead by example”. Now, fathers can truly understand the meaning. If children see their father treating others with kindness then they will be leading by example to show their children how to treat others. Another example of this is how you handle adversity in your career or in the workplace.

2)   Love

The greatest way a father can be a role model is to show their children love. Tell and show your children that you love them. By doing so, you are showing that men can show their emotions, then they will be able to pass that down to their children.

3)   Discipline

Show your children what discipline is. For example, if a friend asks to go to dinner, but you have work to complete, kindly decline and complete your work. Showing your children that you have discipline, will hopefully be a quality that stays with them.

4)  Always Teach

Always be ready to teach at any moment. If you fail or succeed at something, there are teachable moments to share with your children. Any type of environment you are in, you can teach. This could be at home, grocery store, football game, even in the car.

5)   Attitude

Try to always have a can-do attitude for your children to see. If they are around positive and motivated attitudes than hopefully, they will be too. Being negative will only create more negativity.

6)   Work Ethic

Fathers can actively show their children how to have a great work ethic. This can be done by children helping their father with yard work or work in the house or working hard at their job. They will then see the work they completed and can be proud of what they accomplished.

7)   Manners

As a father, your children will treat people the same way you do. If you have a son, treat your wife well, so your son will know how to treat women. If you have a daughter, treat her well so she will know how a man is supposed to treat her. Fathers should always be a gentleman in any situation so they can be the best role model.


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