Coaches Guide To Networking During Football Season

Cultivation is the key

Everybody is busy, especially football coaches in the fall. Not only do you have practices and games but you also have scouting, recruiting and administrative work. All that work fills up your days. Still, it is beneficial to carve in time for networking. Follow the tips below to build your coaching network during the busy fall season. Get ready for the coaching carousel when the season ends.

Focus on current network and personal connections

During a busy season, it can be overwhelming to try to build your coaching network by connecting with new people. An alternative to this strategy is to cultivate your coaching network and focus on those currently in your network. Make a deeper connection by building professional relationships with your personal connections. A great example is reconnecting with a former teammate of yours that is also now coaching. Send him a quick note to rebuild that personal connection into a professional networking connection.

Be respectful of others’ busy schedules

You are busy coaching and, logically, other coaches are busy coaching. While you are reaching out to your current coaching network, be mindful of this fact. The fall season is not the time to request a long lunch meeting or expect a quick response to an email.

Offer help or say congrats

Recognizing that all coaches are busy during the season. It is not the time to ask for a job or anything else. Instead, take this opportunity to offer help or congratulate them on their latest win. It could be helpful to send a relevant article that you found interesting. You can also provide insight on a recruit or an upcoming opponent to a member of your coaching network.

Never eat lunch alone

As a coach, many of those in your professional network are also coaches but do not forget to spend time investing in the support staff and administrators too. Lunch can be a great opportunity to chat with the non-coaching individuals in your professional network. Even simply asking one of them to go with you to grab take-out will provide an opportunity to discuss and build that professional networking relationship.

Find events near you

The football season can be a good time to discover non-football events near you that can help you invest in yourself and your professional network beyond football coaches. You won’t need to go far. Take a look at your school’s event calendar to find opportunities that are close to your office.

Make a plan and add it to your calendar

You are more likely to follow through with networking when you have a plan and have added it to your calendar. Now that you know that it is possible to network as a coach during the busy fall football season, reach out to your AthLife Advisor to create your unique networking plan.