How to Snag One Of 6.2 Million Unfilled, In-demand Jobs In The US…That Don’t Require A Degree

Choosing a career can be an extremely difficult decision. Choosing a second career can be even more difficult especially if you have already had the job of your dreams. This process will require a period of investigation, exploration, and soul-searching.

As potential employees, we most often reflect on our side of the equation, which is warranted. However, finding a new career is a two-way street. On one side is “What do I want to do?” On the other side is – “Who is hiring and for what type of work?” The United States currently reports a record 6.2 million unfilled positions. With millions of unfilled, in-demand jobs you might think that the positions must not pay well. While that is certainly the case for a portion of unskilled positions, there are millions of other jobs that do pay well. And some of these semi-skilled jobs require an associate’s degree or less.

Who is hiring?

Three areas are seeing the fastest growth – healthcare, technology, and skilled trades. It might not be a surprise to see healthcare and technology top the list as in-demand, but skilled tradespeople are in high demand too. As the older generations retire, there just aren’t enough qualified tradespeople to fill their shoes. The highest paying job areas that require two years of post-secondary (after high-school) education or less is a bevy of hot jobs. Positions like web developer, electrician, physical therapy assistant, and various medical technology jobs top the list. Pay for these positions can range from 50-100K + per year. It is important to note that hiring varies greatly by region so plan to use resources like to obtain job growth and salary information in your state.

How can I qualify?

The positions on this list require anywhere from a certification or license to an associate’s degree.  If you plan to move into one of these jobs quickly, further training, certifications, and licensure will most likely be necessary. So, begin to investigate the requirements in your state and contact your AthLife Advisor for assistance finding a program that meets your career needs.

Econ 101

In our political climate, there are swirling questions about who can and will fill these openings. The political debate will rage; do workers need improved training and skills or do employers need to offer better wages. The basic economic lessons of supply and demand will decide that debate. The reality remains that there are good paying jobs to be had and if it’s the right fit for you, it might yield a great return on your investment.