Balancing Commitments: School, Work and the Holidays

The month of December brings busyness into our lives as we celebrate the holiday season with our friends and families. For those taking classes, December also brings final exams alongside the normal homework and readings. All of this can make for an overwhelming schedule. Below are some tips for balancing commitments like school, work and family during the busy holiday season.

Step back and look at the bigger picture.

Before you can balance everything, it is helpful to take the time to identify all of your school, work and personal commitments for the next month. How can you balance it all if you don’t know what is on your plate?

Create a time budget.

We all have 24 hours in each day and seven days in each week so we need to budget what we have. Take your list of school, work and personal commitments and decide how much time needs to be set aside for each. Next, create a calendar for the month of December and block the time for each commitment.

Find opportunities to accomplish two tasks with one effort.

As you are identifying your commitments and allocating your time, look for opportunities to streamline your efforts. A great example is using your class readings and homework as an opportunity to study for your final exam. Click here for more strategies to help you utilize your time to ace your final exams during the holiday season.


Be realistic.

You are human and there will be limits to what you can accomplish during the month of December. As you are creating your time budget and calendar, be realistic about your ability to complete tasks and fullfil commitments in a given time.  It is also helpful to schedule in rest to ensure you continue to have the energy to balance all of your commitments.

Minimize commitments wherever possible.

Now is not the time to take on a new project at work or volunteer to host the neighborhood ugly sweater party. Wherever possible, minimize your commitments during the month of December so you can focus on what must be done.

While it can be overwhelming to balance all of your school, work and personal commitments, you are not alone. Recruit your friends and family to help you create your time budget and calendar. Your AthLife Advisor is also available to help you strategize your school commitments and make a  plan for your success. Good luck and happy holidays!