Building Your Coaching Network

Building and Maintaining Your Coaching Network

It’s almost football season! As the fall approaches, coaches and players are preparing for the upcoming season. What does this mean for those searching for a coaching job? Typically, coaching jobs are open from late November until early March. If you don’t get a job during that timeframe, it is unlikely to happen until the next “coaching carousel” begins. But don’t wait until then to start networking. The season can be a great time to continue to build and deepen your network to put yourself in a position to get hired when jobs begin to open again.

Let’s first define who is in your network

  • People you know – It can be easy to forget how many people you actually know. Think about your friends, family, neighbors, former teammates, and former coaches that are connected to the coaching world. And remember – they don’t need to be coaches. They can be educators, administrators or athletics support staff.
  • Fellow alumni – Many colleges have alumni groups that can be a valuable resource as you look to meet new people in your area. Some even have game day viewing parties. Check out your alumni group’s website to learn more.
  • NFLPA – Use the NFLPA directory for former players or contact your local chapter for meetings or sponsored events. Just like you, they are likely to be connected to many in the coaching world.

Now that you have your network, Below are some examples of outreach. You can reach out via email, text or call. Consider the person and how they’d most prefer to be contacted.

  • Send an update on how you followed the advice they gave you
  • Send a relevant article with a short note
  • Start a dialogue about thoughts regarding a hot topic such as new NCAA regulation
  • Congratulate on a recent success or encouragement during a tough stretch
  • Volunteer to help with game film, recruiting profiles, etc

It is important to stay in regular touch (e.g., every month or two) with your network. When in doubt, remember that the purpose of outreach is to stay in contact and build the relationship. Reach out to your AthLife Advisor to create a networking outreach strategy that will help you be ready for the next “coaching carousel.”