Preparing for a Virtual Job Interview

Virtual Job Interview

It has become common practice for employers to conduct job interviews via phone or some form of video platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, etc.).  In some cases, employers use phone or video interviews to narrow down their candidate pool before bringing job candidates on-site for in-person interviews.  Just like an in-person interview, preparation for a phone or virtual interview is crucial to your success. 


Great Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Next Virtual Interview


Do Your Research

  1. Carefully re-read the job description for the position you are seeking
  2. Research the company
  3. Research the individuals who are interviewing you
  4. Review your own resume
  5. Prepare by answering sample interview questions or by doing a mock interview
  6. Have a list of questions ready to ask your interviewers

Test Your Technology

  1. Avoid potential technical glitches by making sure you test the video and audio of the device you will be using for the interview
  2. Make sure you have an updated version of the platform that will be used to conduct your interview. Customize your display but don’t use nicknames

Dress For Success

  1. Project professionalism by wearing an outfit that you would wear for an in-person interview
  2. Avoid wearing any distracting accessories or overpowering patterns in your clothing
  3. If you are having a phone interview, you should still dress professionally for the interview. The interviewer may not see you, but you may not feel or sound as professional if you are dressed in your pajamas

Select The Interview Location

  1. Select the place in your home where you will sit for the interview and will not have distractions
  2. Make sure that you have a clutter-free background
  3. Test the amount of light and how it affects your video lighting (make sure to keep the light in front of you)
  4. Anticipate/eliminate potential distractions (turn your phone and notifications off during the interview)


  1. Send post-interview thank you emails to those who interviewed you
  2. If you have not heard back in a few days, it is perfectly OK to send a follow-up email asking about the timing of the selection process