How to Stay “In The Know”

Did you know that most CEOs read one book a week? CEOs do so to stay current in their industry and continue their professional development. If a CEO spends this much time reading and learning then it must be worth the time and effort. Below are some tips to help you stay “in the know” by creating daily reading and monthly learning habits. 

Daily Reading – It takes about 45 minutes a day to read one book per week. Consider allocating 15 minutes of reading during your commute, lunch break, and/or workouts. You can even use an app, such as Bookly to help keep your daily reading habit.  If you are not interested in books, you can still stay “in the know” with a quick 10 minute daily reading of industry news.

  • Audiobooks and eReaders – Technology has made it possible to listen to books and carry them electronically. There is no need to go to the bookstore anymore. You can now download books online or through apps.

  • Podcasts – In addition to audiobooks, podcasts can be a great way to learn and grow professionally without reading. Ted Talks are a great example of this. Click here for more ideas for reading alternatives. 

  • Social Media – Follow industry leaders on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to get the rundown on top stories.

  • Email Newsletters – Get the news in your inbox by subscribing to newsletters that are relevant to your industry. Consider subsrcibing to industry leader blogs and national/professional organizations.

Monthly Learning – Along with daily reading, monthly learning can help you stay “in the know” and continue your professional development. This may require an hour or more at a time, but it can provide a boost to your industry knowledge and skill development.

  • Webinars – Many universities and national organizations offer webinars (free or low-cost) that you can do during your lunch break or while at home.

  • Coffee – Grab some coffee with a mentor or industry co-worker to discuss trends while also encouraging feedback on your professional growth. This is can be a great networking opportunity as well! 

  • Meetings – Some national organizations have local chapters that have regular meetings and events you can attend to learn about opportunities specific to your industry. This is also a great way to build your network!

As you are creating a routine to stay “in the know”, reach out to your AthLife Advisor to discuss which of the above strategies fit your schedule and goals best.