Professional Development Tips to Take Charge in the New Year

The new year is here! So why not determine how you can make this your best year yet? Some may have already set resolutions, while others may need to consider improving their professional selves. Either way, below are some ideas you can implement today to boost your professional development this year. 

Listen More Than Speaking

In the new year, consider focusing on active listening; active listening will help build trust and respect and is ultimately appreciated. For example, if you need to discuss an important topic, would you rather talk with someone you feel heard by or who tends to speak over you? In addition, listening allows you to learn and become creative with a response.

Fail to Succeed

Failing is part of reaching success. Welcome failure with open opens and use it as a tool to help you succeed. If you view failure as a tool to grow, you can alter your mindset and reach your goals faster. Failure allows you to identify your mistakes and prepares you for the future. Remember what Michael Jordan said, “The key to success is failure.” 

It’s Okay to Say No

Do not be afraid to say no. The new year is the time to grow your professional self. Consider saying no to opportunities that do not excite you or align with your values or those that will not help you reach your goals. By doing so, you can say yes to opportunities that fit within your professional goals.

Practice Self-Awareness

Becoming self-aware can take time, but practice makes perfect. Self-aware people can identify their strengths, weakness, and emotions. Self-aware people are honest with themselves and have an accurate picture of what skills they can rely on to help reach success. However, along with knowing your strengths, you must also acknowledge areas that need improvement.

It’s All About Perspective

Your perspective is about how you view yourself and the world around you. Your mindset impacts your story about yourself and situations that may or may not have gone your way. If you are going through a difficult time, consider reframing your thoughts before speaking to someone about it. Rather than stating, “I am going through a hard time,” try saying, “I am growing through this,” and remember that it is a privilege to have the opportunity to grow. If you change your perspective to a positive light, you create a path to success.

Before moving into the new year, challenge yourself to apply one of the above tips to boost your professional development! If you have any questions or want to discuss these tips further, do not hesitate to contact your AthLife advisor.

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