Education Services For Organizations

Education is critical for a successful transition to a career after sport.

The experienced advisors of AthLife are uniquely qualified to create a degree completion plan that is tailored specifically to our clients’ needs, taking into account the variety of factors that often make degree completion a challenge professional athletes. Through service agreements with our partners, AthLife provides FREE services to former professional athletes to assist them in their degree completion efforts. AthLife advisors can advise former players on financing options as well available to them through their respective organizations.

AthLife has partnered with Total Recall Learning to create a program that addresses the needs of student-athletes and administrators who work with student-athletes. Students will continue to take part in traditional study skills. However, the Total Recall Learning System enhances those skills and helps students study more efficiently and provides an objective-based learning strategy in study hall, yielding a better end result while providing metrics for administrators to know the progress that the student is making.

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