Questions To Help Find a College Program That Is A Best Fit For Adult Students

Did you know there are over 3,000 4-year colleges in the US? With so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which college will best help you meet your education goal. Seeking a degree or certification is no small feat so it is important to find a college and program that is a good fit for YOU. Below are some key “fit” questions to ask as you make your decision.

“Fit” Questions:

  1. Does the college offer a program that will help me meet my goal?

  2. Do I meet the admission criteria?

  3. How long will it take me to complete the program?

  4. What is the total cost of completing the program? (Tuition, Fees, Supplies, etc.)

  5. Is this program reputable and nationally accredited?

  6. Will I be able to balance the demands of the program with my other responsibilities?

  7. Are courses offered in a format that matches my learning style and schedule?

  8. Will I succeed in completing this program?

Answering these questions is going to require some work. In the end, the effort you put into determining which college is the best fit for YOU will ensure you have a valuable learning experience and complete the program ready to move forward with your goals.

There are several ways to find the information needed to answer the “fit” questions. You can visit the website for the college to learn about the admissions process and the details of the programs. If you still need additional information or would like clarification, you can call admissions or the program’s department office to speak with someone directly. This staff member can be a great source of information and also an advocate for you on campus. It can also be advantageous to visit the campus if you live in the area.

As you are working through your “fit” questions, be sure to keep your notes in one place so you can compare and contrast your options when the time comes. It is also helpful to talk through your answers with a family member, friend or your AthLife Advisor as you are making your decision. Selecting your college can be a tough choice to make –  finding your best “fit” will be your reward.