Soft Skills You Need to Advance Your Career

Did you know soft skills are a must to advance your career? All jobs require hard skills and certain technical skills based on the position. Hard skills are typically learned through education or training programs, such as computer programming, accounting, and writing. Soft skills, however, are intangible and transferable from job to job. Soft skills encompass personality traits and qualities not taught through training programs. We learn soft skills from life experiences such as work, sports, and networking.

The following are six important soft skills and suggestions to help advance your career.

6 Soft Skills You Need To Advance Your Career

Coachability – Coaching occurs in the workplace as you are coached on the field. Remain open and positive when accepting constructive feedback and professional advice. Being coachable shows your will to grow and improve your skills. Being coached is not a personal attack. Rather, it is an opportunity to showcase your improved skills.

Empathy – The ability to relate to others and their feelings will help build strong work relationships. If you have trouble understanding others’ points of view, put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel. Empathy will help you become an effective leader, manager, and employee.

Communication – Effective writing, speaking, and presentation skills are essential in the workplace. Ask colleagues for feedback to learn where you can improve your communication skills. Utilize tools such as Toastmasters for presentation assistance or download the Grammarly app to improve writing skills.

Critical Thinking – Employers want critical thinkers who objectively evaluate a situation and create an effective solution. This is the ability to analyze information, solve a problem, or decide. Asking questions and challenging basic assumptions will help sharpen your critical thinking skills.

Creativity – Creative thinking is a need in any organization. Business objectives and systems constantly change, and employers need employees who offer new ideas and suggestions. Consider meeting with colleagues to brainstorm and increase creative thoughts.

Problem-Solving Attitude: It is important to have a positive attitude, which will help with problem-solving at work and keep you motivated during tough times. When faced with a large project, try breaking it down into smaller items that are easier to manage and believe in your ability to complete it successfully.

Improving these six soft skills will help advance your career at any stage. This AthLife Fundamental was powered by 6 Soft Skills That Will Help You Succeed In The Workplace (And How To Learn Them) and How Soft Skills Help Boost Your Career.