Tips for Completing Your Goals

Starting a goal is always much easier than finishing a goal. For example, how many of us make plans to do something and somehow shift our priorities and abandon our original plans? Review the six tips listed below to help you follow through and complete your goals, whether personal or professional.

6 Tips to Complete your Goals

Know Who You Are

The first step on any pathway to success begins with understanding who you are and where you stand. Ask yourself these questions: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What is your purpose or your ‘Why,’ and what resources are available to you? Understanding your identity and your ‘Why’ will provide the basis for your goal-setting and the resilience you need when times get tough.

Know Where You Are Going

Goals are part of a larger plan of action to organize your future efforts and resources. Try using SMART goals to get started. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. However, make sure that you are adaptable in executing your plan.

Align Your Network

Identify your closest allies and inform them of your goals and aspirations. Also, learn from others who have already achieved a similar goal or are currently on a similar path. Your network will support you on your journey to achieve your goals.

Get Started

Prioritize your goals amidst your daily activities. Identify when you will act on your intentions and set triggers for your actions. For example, “At 7 a.m. I will do . . . for one hour”, or “Every Saturday morning, after eating breakfast, I will . . . for two hours.” Building consistency is critical for success.

Reinforce Your Beliefs

Build your self-efficacy by gaining small, consistent wins and observing others taking similar actions. In addition, talk to others you respect who can give you positive words of encouragement. Belief is a powerful driver of behavior and success in completing your goals.

Manage Decision Fatigue

Develop and build habits that will sustain your efforts to complete your goals through the down or dark times on your journey. Good habits will help hold you accountable and focused on your goal until it is completed.

This document is adapted from Cornell University’s LSM601: The Psychology of Getting Things Done online course.